Tea Time Snacks Gift Basket

Afternoon Tea and Snacks

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These sweet and salty delights will offer them a healthier alternative for their mid-afternoon and late night cravings

  • Nud Fud Organic Banana Coco Crisps
  • Elan Himalayan Trail Mix
  • Patience Spiced Oasis Fruit & Nut Mix
  • Camino Organic Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Camino Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Bar
  • Three Farmers Chickpeas 
  • Pur Gum 
  • Pukka Organic Tea Refresh
  • Beekeepers Honey
  • Zmit Raw Vegan Macaroons 

Please note: Baskets are handmade with love and care for each order. We are continuously making improvements to our baskets which means that modifications to the products within the basket are inevitable. Products from our suppliers change over time as some are discontinued and some make changes to the packaging. This photo does not fully represent the final basket, however, the end result will always be an improvement. Consciously curating baskets is some what of an art form for us.