Love Notes

We truly treasure and value your feedback!  We also get very excited and inspired by your love notes!  Whether you are the giver or the receiver, we invite you to share your love and the experience you had with Jule's Baskets. Send us a little note to express yourself! 


"Our friends absolutely loved their Chocolate & Coffee Lover gift basket. Definitely brightened up their spirits during a difficult time." - Sandra Chabot Weber


"I ordered a custom gift basket for a new mom and WOW was I impressed!  Not only could I specify the types of products I wanted (for mom, not baby) but there was so much for my limited price tag. The new mom was in awe of the quality and variety in her basket.  A favourite was the all natural deodorant cream and quinoa snacks. I highly recommend this to friends now for a unique and useful gift and will surely be ordering more in the future."  

- Liz Italiano, RBC Dominion Securities


"Jule's Basket's are filled with not only healthy products, but also with love and thoughtful intention. The time and thought that goes into every individual basket is beyond compare. I was lucky enough to receive a Mother's Day basket. It was filled with so many beautiful and wonderful products, all of which I use almost every day.  I love everything; especially the cook book, the organic face wash, the lip balm and the designer bkr water bottle.  

I loved my own basket so much, that I now turn to Jule's Baskets for my gift giving. I ordered custom baskets for my mother and father for their birthdays. They were both gorgeous and filled with so many natural and yummy products.  I also sent a 'Thinking of You'  basket to a girlfriend who is recovering from a medical emergency. I highly highly recommend Jule's Baskets to everyone!!"  

- Jodie Dusseault


"Jule's Baskets are beautiful, unique and carefully created with love. I contacted Jule's Baskets with a request for a custom baby shower gift for a mom-to-be. Julie, instantly provided me options and clearly knew about the products and what a new mom would need! I love how passionate Julie is about health and wellness and finding the best products for any occasion.  I whole-heartedly recommend Jule's Baskets to everyone.  Truly great customer experience, excellent service and healthy products I know I can trust."  

- Gorete Almeida, Nutritionist (CNE) & Holistic Lifestyle Coach


"I recently ordered a large basket as a baby shower gift from a group of family members. To say we were all impressed is an understatement! Not only were each of the individual products amazing, the wrapping and presentation was totally stunning as well. The basket was a huge hit at the shower - my sister-in-law was thrilled to receive it! I would highly recommend Jule's Baskets and will definitely be ordering again in the future."  

- Courtney Quebec, Owner at La-Ti-Do Music


Nicole Benson


 "I just wanted to send you a quick message and tell you I love your baskets! What a great great idea! You're so right, there is nothing like this out there. I'm sitting here looking through each description online thinking OMG I would love to get this as a gift!"  

- Nicole B., Facebook Fan 


"I absolutely love Jule's Baskets. As a holistic nutritionist, I have been looking for healthy, holistic baskets to send to my family and friends and I can say that I have now finally found them.  The website is beautiful and easy to use which makes it effortless to select customized healthy baskets.  Jule's Baskets has high quality standards for their ingredients and products. I bought multiple this season and everyone who received them (healthy-minded or not) loved them. They aren't your typical gift basket filled with odds and ends that you end up re-gifting or throwing out. You will want to cherish these because they are filled with nourishing, sweet tasting goodies that won't leave you bloated over the holidays."

- Stephanie, Holistic Nutritionist


"For the holiday, I purchased the Tea Lover's basket for one of my vegan friends. I was so happy with the presentation and quality of the product. One thing I was incredibly impressed by was the fact that despite ordering the same day in December, Julie accepted my request to have the basket ready a couple hours later. I didn't end up picking it up that day but, just allowing me to even have that with no long wait times was really great! Julie was really professional and I will definitely be buying from them again. I will be recommending Jule's Baskets to more people for healthy, easy, quality gift baskets for any occasion!"

- A. Grant





Thank you so much for helping to make Young People’s Theatre’s, 9th Annual Golf Classic 2015 a huge success! This year we were able to raise over $100,000 and that is due to generous donations like yours. 

Your contribution of the lifestyle wellness basket was a highlight of the silent auction. We had such phenomenal feedback from our guests at what a smart idea it was!

- Chris Weber, Young People's Theatre