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Hi and welcome to the Jule’s Baskets blog.

I’m Julie McLachlan, culinary nutritionist, holistic lifestyle coach, fitness coach, and mindful mom to three daughters.

I’m on a mission to share my passion for health and wellness, inspire others to find happiness in nourishing their bodies, and improve access to healthy living for everyone.

Jule’s Baskets isn’t an ordinary gift basket company. It’s an easy approach to health-promoting gift-giving.   

The world today is filled with an abundance of unhealthy food. Not to mention, a lot of people spend the majority of their workdays sitting at a desk. We’re all on auto-run and overdrive. Nothing is really conscious anymore. We’re always on-the-go, we rush meal time, we race our kids around the city, and we rarely get time to decompress and nourish ourselves. (Even healthy people are guilty of this. I know I am!)

This often applies to gift-giving too—an occasion that should be a positive, emotional and thoughtful one. After all, we’re usually giving a gift because we love this person, or we want to show this person that we care or that we appreciate them. Since gift-giving is always coming from a positive place, I believe the whole experience should be positive. 

On the other hand, gift-giving can be unenjoyable when you don’t know what to get. All of my friends and most of my acquaintances know that I live for health and wellness, and I also dislike waste and clutter. But sometimes, in an effort to express a kind thought, they give me foods that I can’t and won’t consume. Things I feel guilty about throwing out or re-gifting, since I know they had the best of intentions.

Sometimes it’s better to receive nothing than something that doesn’t support you, your health or your lifestyle. Because really, it’s not just the thought that counts. It’s how much thought you put into it.

This is what has inspired Jule’s Baskets. I believe that we don’t have to sacrifice quality and health when we’re showing some that we care. I’ve hand-selected hundreds of my favourite brands and products that promote wellness to help simplify the gift-giving process. No fillers, no junk, no worries. Your recipient will feel loved, respected and cherished.

I’m all about making things a little bit easier. Life a little less stressful. Life a lot more full. There are many beautiful baskets to choose from at many different price points, all packaged in a crisp white re-useable market tray with recyclable materials. We even offer a great selection of  greeting cards to accompany the basket. No detail has been left to chance.  

This will be a gift that you’re proud to give and one that you would probably also love to receive! We have something for everyone, from wellness baskets, to stress-busting and spa baskets, to new baby and expectant mom baskets, to sweets & treats and snacking baskets, and even culinary baskets!  

Are you into health and wellness? Or is the recipient a health-nut? Then these baskets are for you. If the recipient is new to health and wellness, a Jule’s Basket is a beautiful way to introduce health-conscious products into their lifestyle. And if you don’t know the first two things about health and wellness, then you’re in for a healthy treat!

Remember: It’s far more important to give than to receive. This is your chance to give a gift that will truly be appreciated and welcomed. Giving health and wellness is always well-received, and everyone deserves to feel great.

Yours in health,

Julie McLachlan

Founder of Jule's Baskets

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