The Importance of Quality Products

Everyone knows the saying "you get what you pay for", but does that always apply?  

Short answer: Yes, absolutely.  

Every product in Jule's Basket is a quality well as luxurious, unique and health promoting!  I have spent hours and hours sorting through the good and the bad.  The truth and the lies.  Quality is always important.  Especially when it comes to skin care products, baby products and most important, our food.  

Do you know what the ingredients are in your skin care products or your perfume and even your vitamins and supplements and food?  Do you know how to read the ingredient list? Do you know what organic and non-GMO even mean?  Do you know the horrible truths about soy, corn, dairy and wheat?  

Most of the time you pick up a product, you will likely NOT know what the ingredients list means, let alone be able to pronounce it.  Obviously, this isn't a good thing.  This second you hit an ingredient that doesn't sit well with you, you can put the product down and stop wasting your time.

I have gone through this process with all the products in Jule's Basket's.  Not only have I ensured to only choose products that don't include nasty, chemical-laden ingredients but to focus on offering products that emphasis health and wellness with health-promoting ingredients.  There is the occasion that an ingredient description like 'natural flavours' falls in the ingredient list.  Depending on the brand, the origin and the company beliefs and standards will determine whether or not I overlook this vague ingredient description.  Some companies claim to do this to keep their flavours secret and others are just purely for health-washing reasons. 

Bottom line is that all ingredients, whether it be in your body care products, baby products, tea or food you should always go for organic, non-GMO, health-promoting, high-quality ingredients.  

I know that it is hard to decipher between honest health-promoting ingredients and confusing toxic ingredients.  As I have said before, I don't like waste.  I don't like spending money on crap products.  I don't like contributing to the success of toxic companies and their products.  I don't like being fooled by fancy marketing campaigns.   It's one thing to openly choose something that is full of chemicals and crap, but it's another to think you're buying a quality, clean product which is totally not that.

This was definitely an inspiration for Jule's Baskets.  I want everyone to enjoy truly health-promoting products; true quality products.  You will notice the difference.  Not only are these quality products, they are selected with intention and purpose.  Everything in each collection is there for a reason. Quality, quality, quality.  I know it's an overused word. Probably because it is so important.  

You'll notice that I favour certain companies and brands.  When I feel strongly about their products or ingredients I will promote it.  Companies that use organic, non-GMO, natural, health-promoting ingredients need recognition!  I am here 100% to support them.  Especially the smaller brands!

Everyone wants to live a quality life.  Everyone wants quality friendships and relationships.  Quality is what makes life worth living.

Don't cheat yourself or your loved ones with anything less than exceptional quality.  Spend your money wisely.  Reap the life-giving rewards of truly healthy food and products.  

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