New Products: Living Libations & Chocosol

I am really really excited about some of the new products in Jule's Baskets.

1. Living Libations is a Haliburton, Ontario natural skin care company created by Nadine Artemis. If you aren't in the know on this awesome company and their gorgeous products, check them out here.  We are carrying their Vanilla and Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, Jai Baby Oil, Sweet Sleep Serum, Organic Hemp Cloth, Seabucktorn Shampoo and Conditioner and a few more!

These products are super high quality and made with pure essential oils.  Baskets containing these products will be on the pricier side.  Totally worth it though!

2. Chocosol is a Toronto Based, artisanal, socially responsible, raw chocolate company. Delicious! You can learn more about them here. We carry their drinking chocolate, and their small and full size bars.  Hemp Gold, Sinfully Vanilla and Luscious Coconut.

Take a look at this Chocolate & Coffee Lovers Basket!  It contains the Vanilla Choc-latte Drinking Chocolate and the Luscious Coconut half bar amongst other chocolate goodness and organic coffee.



We are always discovering yummy, awesome, health-conscious products and will continually be updating our baskets! 

If you have an awesome, health-conscious product that you think belongs in Jule's Baskets, I would love to hear from you.  Please contact me by email.

Yours truly,

Julie Tadeson
Founder, Jule's Baskets

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