Be a Natural Beauty - It can save your skin and health!

So you vowed to take care of yourself this year, eat more greens, less sugar and drink more water. All of those do the body good but have you ever considered the products that goes ON your body? As one our favourite local product line Consonant says, “What goes on your body, goes in your body."  And boy are they right!

The Bad News: 

Almost all conventional skincare products contain industrial chemicals, carcinogenic ingredients, hormone disruptors and reproductive toxins.  Not only do we absorb all of these chemicals and toxins but they also cause skin irritations.  

There are many articles and reports that cite toxins found in Johnson and Johnson baby products.  This is sad and very scary! We won't get into all of that here, as we like to focus on the good.... which is what we can do about it and find products to replace the toxic ones.  However, you can read more about this on the Dr. Mercola site here.

According to David Suzuki’s list of The Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemicals, The following were found in most conventional skin care products:  

1) Plasticizers - Used to keep concrete soft 
2) Degreasers - Used to remove grime off auto parts   
3) Surfactants - Used in paint thinner 

You can read more from this article here.

The Good News: 

In recent years, skin care products have taken on a more natural approach and there are more available now than ever.  Julie and I have chosen to dicuss some of our favourites that we personally use. 

Consonant Skincare

Their motto  “what goes on your body goes in your body” says it all right there!  That’s why this skin care line has accepted the challenge of achieving soft, beautiful skin with only 100% organic and botanical ingredients. They have the best organic foaming face wash and we love their award winning DHE facial mask!  They have recently introduced their baby line, which we carry in our new baby baskets.
Consonant Skincare Line

Love Fresh 

Formulated with 100% natural and organic ingredients from local and global sources. This line features creamy body lotions and washes, luxurious scrubs, and deodorants with incredibly tantalizing scents like pomegranate, lemon verbena and vanilla.  Their deodorant is our favourite! 

This time of year with the dry weather, we tend to use scrubs and slather on creams more often... so why not treat yourself to Love Fresh?  We love that it is a Canadian product, but we love this line even more so because it's local to us in Toronto and very affordable!
Love Fresh Natural Deodorant

Odacité Skincare 

We have recently added an exciting all natural luxury line to our baskets that will also be available on the Jule's Wellness Online Boutique.  The founder & CEO of Odacité, Valérie Grandury, discovered she had breast cancer and revamped her life to one holistically in nature.  She then discovered that some of the most toxic elements in a woman's daily life come straight from personal care products!  We are so excited to offer some of their products in our luxury health-conscious gift baskets!

One of the products from Odacité that we love is the discovery kit {shown below} - it's a great way to test out and transition to natural skincare!   It contains seven of Odacité's essential classics!  With this you or your loved one will be just ten days away from clear, smooth, radiant and youthfully resilient skin.  

Odacite Discovery Kit
For those of you who take your skincare seriously....  {for good reason!} you must try the ultimate moisturizing and nourishing serum that helps to achieve optimum skin hydration while improving skin elasticity -  Pomegranate Rose Geranium  Facial Serum for Hydration! 

Odacite Pomegranate Rose Hydration Serum

Now back to the basics with...

Hurraw Lip Balm 

Another necessity in our beauty routine this time of year! Many lip balms contain cheap wax’s and the chemical petroleum which only temporarily moisturize your lips -hence why you feel the need to reapply several times a day! That’s because these wax’s actually end up drying out the skin even more! 

Hurraw lip balms contain oils derived from sesame, coconut, cocoa seed butter and are 100% vegan. They come in a variety of delicious flavours from cooling mint, warming cinnamon and bold coffee!  

Hurraw Lip Balm

Treat your body to all natural and organic products.  Replacing a few key conventional products with some natural ones, most importantly deodorant, will help to eliminate the toxicity absorbed by your skin.

Give the gift of natural beauty with these products in our wellness and spa baskets.  Or contact us to curate a customize one for you or your loved one!  Check our website here for spa, beauty baskets or customize your own for that natural beauty in your life.

Stay tuned to shop for these on thew new Jule’s Wellness site.  Sign up to our subscription list and save! 

Jule's Basket - Spa Basket


All of the beauty & spa products we carry in our baskets are health-conscious, organic and natural.  We carry so many great products and lines.... we couldn't mention them all , so skip over to our online boutique to see the variety! 

Coming soon...these will products will all be available for sale on our online boutique at Jule’s Wellness.
Stay Tuned!

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