International Women's Day

Show her how much you appreciate her on March 8th!  

What is so special about this day?  Well, it's  International Women's Day.  Not a statutory holiday, but a very beautiful day for many across the world.  In some countries, it has the equivalent status of Mother's Day and is an official holiday.  International Womens Day has been recognized since the early 1900s in European countries. 

Many improvements have been made with greater equality in legislative rights, more women in power positions, as entrepreneurs and in boardrooms. However, not only does the glass ceiling still exist, but so is abuse and stereotypes towards women.  

This holiday isn't for feminists, but for all to celebrate women's equality and emancipation.  Men and women honour their mothers, girl friends and colleagues with flowers and small gifts.  

In recent years, International Women's Day has moved from being a reminder of the past to a celebration of the positive changes.  

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