Culinary Nutrition Instagram Takeover

I had an idea one year ago.  To take my knowledge and create a brand that offers health-conscious and hand-selected products to the masses.  

I have a passion for reading labels and finding great products.  I love to share my finds with as many people as possible.    I knew that I wanted to offer health and wellness but I wasn’t sure how.  I was driving home from an appointment with my holistic healer and a light bulb went off.  I wanted to curate health-conscious gift baskets with only the best products, all of which I would hand-select.  My brand was clear.  It was me, Jule's.  Standing behind these products, prompting health and wellness, while being mindful and conscientious.  I won’t get into the whole thought process I had, but I knew that I had a mission. 

What inspired this mission and passion?  I took a program by Meghan Telpner through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.  What I learned in that program was immeasurable.  I value education, but I am not the scholar type.  I am hands-on, multi-passionate with a short attention span.  I can’t do 2-4 year educational programs. I like to experiment and try different things, all of which I am passionate about but that will also contribute to bettering myself and evolving.

I can wholeheartedly say that taking this program steered my life in a totally awesome direction.  Today I am well on my way with my business, which has now turned into businesses.  

It is quite incredible how one choice changed my whole path.  You can read more about my interview with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition here



Julie Tadeson Academy of Culinary Nutrition



Want to learn more about the program?  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  True to my mission, I love to share good suff.  I want you to succeed, find your passion and to evolve.  You never know what’s possible.

Tomorrow April 11th, I will be taking over the Academy of Culinary Nutrition’s Instagram account.  

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