6 Wellness Tips for Entrepreneurs

As Entrepreneurs, we know that it can be a challenge to keep stress levels in check while eating healthy and getting enough sleep.  Being mindful of your nutrition, sleep and exercise will increase your energy to give you the edge to succeed in your business.  Here are a few simple wellness tips to get you rocking your biz.

1. Get Rest. This first tip is imperative for good health, yet difficult for many entrepreneurs and that is to get plenty of rest! When we sleep, our bodies can repair themselves from an often stressful, busy day, while our brains have a chance to process all the information taken in. If you use the evening as a time to unwind, you will have a much better chance at getting a good nights rest. Try going to bed no later than 10:30 and waking around 5:30-6am. You are more likely to be productive early in the morning with a fresh start which will invite relaxation later in the evening when you feel accomplished. It may take time, but eventually your body will get used to this schedule.

Here are some simple tips to help you sleep well to increase your energy and productivity.

  • Avoid evening exercise
  • Drink warm tea before bed - we love Serene Tea from The Honest Leaf. The combination of herbs is so calming and the taste is so soothing
  • Turn the screen light down on your smartphone
  • Limit all electronic use for 1 hour before bed - try some quiet reading that is unrelated to business or try meditation or a walk  
  • Sleep in a dark room with a cooler temperature
  • Try magnesium - magnesium relaxes the muscles and is often deficient in people who feel over worked and stressed. We love Orange Naturals Magnesium Glycerinate or Natural Calm if you prefer a powder form that is drinkable, similar to a tea

2. But first, a workout! Moving your body in the morning wakes up the muscles and increase blood flow. We love to do 45- 60 minutes of functional training like TRX, resistance bands, squats and weights in the mornings as it helps maintain and promote muscle tone often lost from sitting all day!  You don’t need to join a gym, just purchase some basic equipment or workout DVD’s that you can quickly do at home. Even 20 minutes of yoga and stretching does the body good, whatever you can fit in that day.

3. Eat balanced meals.  What we eat directly affects how our brain and bodies function. As an entrepreneur, we know you need all the energy and brain power you can get! I also know that eating regularly prepared meals is not at the top of your list.  

Here are some helpful tips for ensuring adequate fuel without the stress:

  • Dedicate 1 day, morning or afternoon/ week to grocery shop and prepare your food. Cook in batches, freeze and portion out into containers for the week.
  • If you aren’t into cooking, there are many healthy food delivery companies.  We like Fit Organix.
  • Eat whole foods with a focus on lean protein, fresh green vegetables, raw nuts and seeds and some whole grains, while avoiding processed food and take out
  • Set yourself reminders to eat every few hours. Ideally 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks in between
  • Have healthy snacks on hand - we love Simply Protein Bars because they are delicious, low in sugar and keep me feeling full
  • Start your day with an easy energizing smoothie to maximize nutrition  (recipe below)

4. Take breaks. Give yourself a lunch break mid-day for at least half an hour. Enjoy a healthy lunch of lean protein, fresh veggies and some healthy fats like avocados, seeds or olive oil to prevent you from becoming tired in the afternoon. Go for a walk, watch some funny Youtube videos or call a friend - do something to actively remove from your work.  Try walking the stairs at work, or go for a walk.

5. Drink more. Water of course! Try to limit your intake of sugary soda, juice, alcohol and dehydrating coffee as they interfere with your energy levels. Get yourself a reusable water bottle that you can pack with you on the go or keep in front of you at your desk. Make it your goal to take a few sips every half hour. We love S’well Insulated water bottles because they keep your beverages cold for 24 hours. They also come in bright and fun colours so you’ll always be reminded to keep sipping!  Also, try swapping your coffee for tea.  If plain water is too boring for you, add some lemon or fruit for flavour.

6. Supplements.  The quality of our food and our high levels of stress increase our requirements for additional nutrients.  By adding a high quality multivitamin, vitamin C and absorbable magnesium can extremely helpful for our energy levels and keeping our minds sharp.  It is recommended to take your supplements throughout the day.  Remember, most supplements and vitamins from your local drug store are not the quality that you are looking for.

Energizing Smoothie Recipe:

  • 1 scoop of protein powder - We love the creamy texture of Dream Vanilla Whey Protein
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup of fresh spinach or kale
  • 1 tbsp. of hemp hearts (Manitoba harvest)
  • 1 cup of Coconut water (Jax)  (or water)
  • Combine in a high speed blender until smooth and enjoy!  

These tips work for us, but feel free to adapt any of these to fit your schedule best. Remember to always listen to your body and it’s cues. If you feel like your head is spinning give yourself permission to shut off until you’re ready to step back in the ring and tackle your next plan.

For more information or a free 15 minute consultation, please contact us at hello@juleswellness.ca.  One of our Holistic Nutritionists and Holistic Lifestyle Coaches would be more than happy to help you.

- Emily Sawyer, CNP & Julie Tadeson, Founder of Jule’s Wellness

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