Basket Breakdown - The Afternoon Tea

Jule's Baskets - Afternoon TeaWe all love variety in our lives and this is no different when we are choosing products in our everyday routine.
The Afternoon Tea Basket is the gift that keeps giving. It has a perfect assortment of sweets and tea choices to make every tea time a blissful one.
Today, we're breaking down the basket to show you why the teas are so special and unique:

Jule's Basket

Lemon Lily Loose Leaf Tea

Lemon Lily Tea is a Toronto-based loose leaf company that guarantees and prides to offer the best quality organic tea in the market. The focus tea is our favourite blend for those who need the afternoon pick-up without the high levels of caffeine from coffee. The natural blend of green tea with ginkgo, gotu kola, and maca would help with your concentration and mental acuity to help you get through the rest of the day. And we can't forget the organic Canadian maple that gives this tea a natural subtle sweetness to have you reaching for this cup of tea over coffee. 

Jule's Baskets - Pukka

Pukka Tea

Why not finish off your afternoon on a strong note? Pukka Tea picks the highest quality of herbs to be blended. Along with the boost from the black tea, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamon will warm you up and set a fire up within you. This is the best cup of tea to cradle in between your hands for warmth!

Jule's Baskets - The Honest Leaf

The Honest Leaf

Locally made, all-natural, and formulated by a nutritionist - The Honest Leaf Relieve is the tea to grab when you need an extra help with digestion. With strong notes of ginger and mint, this tea is perfect after lunch to soothe your stomach for the rest of the day. Another plus - there is no caffeine! One cup (or three) of Relieve will not have you tossing and turning before falling asleep in bed.


Check out our website for baskets for any occasion - birthday, anniversary, thank you, get well soon, sympathy, or for no particular reason but to gift health and happiness. 


The Jule's Team

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