Ironing out the the creative details of Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing! Beautiful summer nights make the perfect backdrop for glittering tents, bright flowers and blushing brides. It's safe to say that everyone is either attending one wedding or part of a bridal party this summer. Since gifts are such a large part of wedding culture, whether you are buying for the bride or saying thank you to all your wedding party, we wanted advice from an expert as to what gifts we should be giving! This is what our expert wedding planner had to say about our newly created bridal gift baskets.

I am so excited to be guest posting today with Jules Baskets! I am Catherine, the owner and Lead Planner of the creative details. An event and wedding planning company that specializes in intimate celebrations loaded with personalized details.

I consider my style simple, airy, and romantic with a love for natural textures and sometimes, a hint of sparkle!

My favourite part of celebrations is the guest experience we are able to create. The attention to detail and personalization is what makes each wedding so special.

What first attracted me to Jules Baskets was not only their amazing selection of products but also their purpose for business. Julie notes “This is isn’t an ordinary gift basket. This is a relationship curator”. I love this because isn’t that true? A gift is a special thought. A gesture to let someone know we were thinking about them or are celebrating with them. Those sweet moments that bring us together and help love grow.

The bridal collection has me giddy with excitement - that feeling you get when scrolling through the website and wanting to buy them all immediately. I am a strong believer in buying local when you can and when you find something great, you want to share it with the world - so hello brides, I am so happy to share this find with all of you!

Bridal gifting ideas:

  • Bridesmaids gift (from bride)
  • Engagement Gift (to bride)
  • Bridal Shower gift (to bride)
  • Bachelorette party gift (from bride)
  • Welcome gift for those extra special guests coming from out of town

My personal favorite? The Everyday Living Basket - it’s filled with tons of great products to make a girl feel pampered!

A few more reasons we love Jules baskets:

  • Everything you need to know about the baskets is online (see links below)
  • The baskets can be delivered anywhere is North America
  • There are a variety of options to accommodate different budgets

Bridal Box Bliss | Bridal Box Heavenly | Bridal Box Scrumptious | Bridal Box Rejuvenate

Are you a business owner? A curated basket/bag/box is the perfect way to thank your clients, tribe and referrals!



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